Millennial Home Buyers Want A Good Foundation Of Home Security

Millennials-those born between 1981 and 1996 – are probably the most-studied generation since studies into this kind of thing began! They are, without doubt, one of the most influential generations to date. Their habits and behaviours have long fascinated economists, researchers and businesses, and everyone wants to understand their attitudes to social and environmental issues, work and technology. The housing market is no exception. And when South African millennials – particularly first time buyers – look for property, a strong [...]

With Business Intelligence, It’s Okay To Have Your Head In The Cloud(s)

The more we learn about the cloud, the more, it seems, there is to learn about the cloud! But no matter how much we do or don’t understand about it, there’s no escaping one simple fact: As a business, moving your computing from a terrestrial server to the Cloud has so many advantages it’s getting to the point where it’s not really a decision about which you have to think too hard. Reduced IT costs, infinite scalability, business continuity, [...]

Cloud-Based Solutions – The Sky’s The Limit

The Cloud. We read about it all the time, we talk about it in slightly reverent tones, and we’ve more than likely got more than a bit of stuff stored in it. But do we actually know what it is? And do we understand how cloud-based solutions can help us in both our business and personal lives? The Cloud isn’t a physical location. We might think of it as a slightly nebulous place “somewhere up there in cyberspace,” but it [...]

How To Find The Right Security Solutions For Your Buildings, Assets And Staff

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes – just like the businesses they house. This is just one of the reasons why one-size-fits-all safety and security solutions simply don’t work. Think, for example, of large corporations, hospitals or universities. How much data and equipment do they contain? How many people? This all needs to be kept safe, and the systems used to do so must integrate seamlessly with your existing technologies - while still being completely scalable to keep [...]

When It Comes To Perimeter Security, You Can’t Afford To Be On The Fence

South Africans are security conscious people. We put burglar bars on our windows and gates across our doors. We have alarm systems and panic buttons. At work, we have multi-layered access control systems – biometric scanners, video cameras and access cards. Yet still, at times, these security measures are not enough, and our homes and offices are breached. This is why perimeter security is so important: it keeps the bad guys further away from your door – and your [...]

Data Security – How Well Are You Protecting Your Company’s Greatest Asset?

It used to be said that people were a company’s greatest assets, but that may no longer be true. In today’s world, where more and more connected things are transmitting data, and larger and larger parts of the world are covered by 3, 4 and 5G, data is the new people. At least as far as business profitability is concerned. Understanding data is the only way companies gain a competitive edge over each other. As their digital footprint increases, it [...]

Don’t Let Theft Shrink Your Business! Here’s How Technology Can Help Reduce Shrinkage

Theft is not something from which businesses can afford to, well, shrink away. Shrinkage – particularly in the retail industry – costs companies heavily every year. In the US alone, retailers lost over $42 billion in 2017 – half of all the money lost to shrinkage worldwide that year. Defined simply as “a loss of physical inventory,” shrinkage affects the bottom line of every single business. Essentially, it’s the difference between what your accounting records say you should have – [...]

Why Your Business Needs A SMART Technology Consultant

We’re living in an era of SMART products. We use capital letters there because the term stems originally from the acronym for Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology. However, we now tend to just say “smart” because the word has come to mean any object that was previously inanimate – anything from domestic appliances to clothes – that now leverages smart technology to guide our behaviour and even talk back to us. SMART devices are those which connect to the Internet of [...]

Biometrics For Your Business – Security And Access Control In The Big Brother Era

If you’re wondering how biometrics can benefit your business, try this: take a walk through your offices. How many brightly coloured sticky notes do you see affixed to computer screens with login, Wi-Fi and other passwords written on them? And how many keys are left dangling in filing cabinet locks? Are you now at all concerned about how easily someone could access untold amounts of highly sensitive or classified information? Here's the thing: We’re human. We have a lot of stuff [...]

Lights, Camera, Action! Is The Retail Sector Ready For Its Close Up?

2017 was not a great year for the brick and mortar retail sector. In fact, it was the worst year on record, with almost 7 000 stores closing their doors in the US alone. Why? Consumers have more shopping options than ever before, and online buying – thanks to giants like Amazon – are taking their toll on high street retailers. Fortunately, however, technology is a double-edged sword. While shopping online may have sounded the death knell for some physical [...]