SMART Tech Consultant

Ricky Homem

Meet Your Smart Tech Consultant

A Consultant Adding Value

As the owner and founder of S.A.M.S, Ricky brings with him a wealth of experience in the customer service and IT industries.

Before starting S.A.M.S, Ricky was the head of Cloud Sales at Siatik, a Certified Google Cloud Platform training partner in the whole of Africa. Siatik offers a range of services, from IoT, machine learning and big data, to deployment and migration, and managed services.

Ricky’s IT- and customer-centric career is further supported by his experience as a senior account executive at both ECCO and CSC. Both roles involved migrating clients into Managed Services and Cloud solutions. He has also held positions as the IT Operations Manager – Managed Services for Dimension Data, the Service Delivery Executive for IBM, and the Customer Care Supervisor at Teljoy.

Ricky’s passion for both Customer Service and IT is evident from his dynamic and impressive career path. It is in these two areas that his core strengths lie, and it’s what helps to make Ricky the ideal Smart Technology Consultant.

Ricky will help your business leverage available technology to design and install systems that make your building “smarter” and more responsive to the people who work in it. He’ll take you through everything that needs to be done to ensure your building functions with optimal efficiency and improved performance while reducing usage costs. He’ll also ensure your technology systems meet all relevant building codes and regulations.

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