Your business and the internet – connected forever.

Internet connectivity allows businesses of all sizes and from any location to work more efficiently, and improves business operations and business continuity by using computer-based tools.

Internet Access

Get high-speed business connectivity with Vodacom dedicated internet access.
Work smarter; communicate faster, and save connectivity costs. Get guaranteed high-speed internet connectivity for your business with our dedicated internet access product.


Fibre access from Vodacom will meet a variety of business connectivity needs such as connecting to the internet, connecting different business sites to each other and a range of other business applications, A fibre connection is suitable for general use, but ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth e.g. hosting connectivity, video, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and backup services.


Vodacom offers a managed microwave network access solution to provide high-speed, high-capacity business connectivity. It’s a cost-effective solution for urban areas where fixed line access is non-existent. It’s perfect for businesses in these areas that have large data transfer or mission-critical connectivity requirements.

Managed Satellite

Vodacom’s satellite services offer connectivity virtually anywhere in South Africa.

Vodacom now provides you managed satellite IP-based services to business, providing highly reliable, highspeed, always-on connection that gives you the power of the Internet and managed IP-based services like high-speed internet for intranet and web-based applications, or reliable connectivity for POS and back-office applications.


Enjoy reliable and uninterrupted Internet connectivity on your tablet or smartphone.
It’s faster than 3G with download speeds up to 60Mbps in ideal conditions and 15Mbps on average. This means that you can download and upload pictures, stream videos, check email and so much more – super-fast!

Make a voice call using VoLTE.
With Voice over LTE (VoLTE), you can enjoy high-quality voice calls which will happen automatically when you’re connected to our LTE network.

Virtual Private Network

A private and managed network that keeps your business connected. Our managed VPN solutions extend your private network to all corners of your business – locally or internationally. Send and receive data/voice securely between branches as if connected to one big private network.


Safely access your company’s network and information from anywhere in the world.

The need for “always on” connectivity to business information and applications through mobile technologies has become vital to every South African business.

Vodacom’s APN (Access Point Name) solution allows you and your employees’ access to your organisation’s network, key applications and information, conveniently and securely from virtually anywhere in the world.

Corporate APNs (also known as Private APNs) are typically set up to terminate traffic onto an organisation’s LAN. Once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the GSM device will be able to exchange data with the customer’s corporate network. Each SIM must first be provisioned on the Corporate’s APN to enable the Vodacom Network to route data traffic to the LAN