Our Solutions

Access Control

A smarter access control system is the key to a better building management system. At SAMS, we provide next-generation access control technology that integrates with other connected systems to create additional value for you as the end user.
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Closed Circuit Television

Close circuit television (CCTV) is a great way for businesses to monitor employees’ movements or to record evidence of any criminal activity. We offer a range of CCTV solutions customised to suit your company’s individual requirements.
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Cloud-Based Solutions

We provide comprehensive Cloud-based solutions to increase your business’ capacity, scalability and functionality while reducing maintenance and eliminating the need for expensive computer infrastructure and in-house tech staff.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions of physical devices around the world – that you wouldn’t usually expect to have an internet connection – are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Welcome to the incredible Internet Of Things.
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Gas Suppression Systems

Inert gases and chemical agents are designed to protect systems which would be irrevocably damaged by traditional fire suppression methods, such as water or foam. In smart buildings, an integrated fire detection system triggers the gas suppression system.

Fire Early Detection Systems

The speed and silence with which many fires spread are what makes them so destructive and so potentially deadly. Installing an early detection system will ensure you get the earliest possible warning of a fire hazard, giving you valuable to raise the alarm and prevent significant injury, disruption of business and property damage.

Remote Location Data Centre In A Box

A data centre in a box is a standalone, completely self-contained mini server room that’s easy to deploy in minutes. It’s particularly useful in remote, off-site locations, and is ideal for managing your IoT devices within a private network or in the Cloud.

Video Management Solutions/Systems

Also known as video management software, or a video management server, this records, collects and stores video from cameras and other sources. Now your security staff can easily see what they need to see when they want to see it.

Wireless Connectivity

We offer a wide range of wireless connectivity solutions, giving you a choice of cost-effective, low power IP network solutions for all your IoT requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Smart buildings lead the way when it comes to fire safety, with integrated systems that will sound alarms, activate sprinkler systems and alert the nearest fire department. This helps to greatly reduce the elapsed time from the start of the fire to the arrival of the authorities.

Smart Buildings

A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security and other systems. But newer buildings, or older structures that have been converted to smart buildings, are constantly changing.

Time and Attendance

Gone are the days of manually tracking employees’ attendance and work hours for payroll purposes. Today, advanced time and attendance software simplifies workforce management by automating time-tracking and payroll processes.
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