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What You Can Expect From S.A.M.S Consulting Services

Consulting on any SMART technology project is unique, which is why we don’t take a “Rinse and Repeat” approach. We take the time to understand your project’s unique challenges and design our solutions accordingly.

We pride ourselves on providing technology systems that not only integrate seamlessly into your architectural design, but that are also sustainable and, most importantly, affordable. We place a strong emphasis on safety, comfort and durability, and always use the latest analytical techniques to find the smartest solutions to problems.

Our ultimate objective is to make sure we achieve the right outcomes at the right price. Of course, designing the systems in a new, high-performance building is much cheaper, faster and easier than improving the ageing technology systems in an existing building.

At S.A.M.S, we like to be involved in the process right from the start, providing benefits throughout the entire lifecycle of the build. Making smart decisions during the design phase also means reduced material requirements and optimised equipment capacities.

Sometimes, however, it’s not possible to get into a project right at the start, and work needs to be done on existing technologies. Even buildings with systems that are well designed, and installed correctly, experience problems with deterioration of components over time. It also happens that buildings installed the most advanced technology systems available at the time, but now find themselves outclassed by new technology.

An experienced S.A.M.S consultant can take you through everything you need to do to ensure your building functions at its most efficient, and that all technology systems meet new building codes and regulations.

Today’s buildings are no longer just “dumb” structures. They are becoming increasingly more intelligent and responsive to the people who live and work in them. S.A.M.S leverages the technology we have available today to design and install smart systems in both new and existing buildings, improving efficiencies and overall performance while reducing usage costs.

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Custom Solutions for Your needs

Our society is dominated by crime – both cyber and physical – and businesses today have to do all they can to ensure they have the latest physical security measures in place to protect their assets.

Physical Security

When most people think about physical security, they picture locks, keys, security guards and alarm systems. And this, in essence, is a large part of the picture. But it is also so much more. When we talk about physical security, we refer to the protection of buildings – as well as all the equipment, information and software they contain – from all kinds of harm. This includes everything from theft and vandalism, to damage from a power surge or natural disaster, and everything in between.

Asset Management

The way in which your organisation’s assets are managed has a direct bearing on their performance. This, in turn, affects your company’s overall productivity. When done right, asset management helps you be more productive by helping you achieve your strategic goals. But it is quickly obvious when companies don’t have a proper asset management strategy – inefficiencies and ineffectiveness abound. Proper asset management brings together all the key elements of the organisation – information technology, economics, engineering, environmental sustainability and people – to form a holistic approach that ensures the protection and sustainability of your natural and social capital.

We provide a full suite of technology services to ensure your environment is secure, efficient, sustainable and comfortable. Our experience and depth of knowledge make us the ideal partner for your project. We offer exceptional value for money while also saving on your operational costs, protecting your strategic assets and reducing your carbon footprint.

Let us consult with you on a wide range of areas, including:

  • Computer systems and connectivity
  • Physical Security
  • Fire alarms and safety control
  • Energy management
  • Building Management
  • Strategic Asset Management – management of the business owners’ staff and assets

We pride ourselves in creating SMART buildings that inspire the people who use them, and that are ideally suited to their intended purpose.

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