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Did you know when companies search for office space, digital connectivity ranks third on the list of most important factors?

Currently, only cost and location are considered more important, but experts predict these rankings are about to change. As technology becomes even more advanced, digital connectivity will rise even higher on the criteria list.

Commercial tenants are increasingly tech-aware, and there is a growing demand for information about buildings’ connectivity ratings and infrastructure. Soon, requests for this information will be as commonplace as questions about office square meterage, and those buildings offering next level digital connectivity will enjoy far greater demand from companies searching for office space.

Known as SMART technology buildings,” these connected buildings have systems such as HVAC, environmental sensors, security and safety equipment linked to external inputs to better manage operations, energy use and occupant comfort. This integration effectively replaces outdated and redundant silo units with efficient, converged and holistic systems that are managed as a singular, smart infrastructure.

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Your Smart Technology Partner

We offer a range of next-generation smart technology services designed to work in harmony with your project’s unique characteristics.


When you partner with us, we’ll arrange what we like to call a “discovery session.” In this session, we’ll consult with you to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your building, expertly matching our solutions to your needs. Read more

Project Management

When you have numerous contractors on site, each with their own deadlines, scopes of work and agendas, it’s hugely comforting to know you have an experienced project management team to ensure the meticulous planning, coordination and execution of every stage.

Technology Supply

When you have the right supply chain technology system in place, you reduce operating costs, gain more control over your inventory and forge an advantage over your competitors. We offer a comprehensive network of people, resources and technology to facilitate every transaction – from the original order to end delivery.

Value Added Reselling

We understand how comforting it is to have someone to help you evaluate and integrate your technology, and develop clear reporting. SAMS specialises in the value-added reselling of software, hardware and other technologies, giving you a full-service, turnkey solution.

Cloud Technologies

Using the Cloud offers faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. We deliver a range of cloud-based computing services, including storage, servers, databases, networking and software.

Commissioning & Training

All LEED Certified projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) need commissioning. LEED is the most widely-used, green building rating system in the world, and is used for all building project types. We provide comprehensive training on and commissioning of, your LEED project.

Service Level Management

At SAMS, our Service Level Management (SLM) system monitors and reports on service levels, ensuring that all service management processes, operational level agreements and underpinning contracts are designed to meet the agreed targets.

Internet Of Things

Billions of physical devices around the world – that you wouldn’t usually expect to have an internet connection - are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Welcome to the incredible Internet Of Things. Read more

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Nicolas Garcia

Nicolas Garcia

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