If your business has more than one site, particularly if one of those sites is in a remote location, IT management can become complicated and costly. This is when you need a data centre in a box.

Traditional data centres are starting to feel the impact of disruption from the Cloud and advances in colocation and hosting services, as well as in the areas of cooling, power, telecommunications, AI, software and hardware. All these factors are impacting and transforming enterprise data centres more than ever before.

A data centre in a box is one in which mobile, portable and modular information nodes are located inside a single cargo (shipping-style) container that’s been designed and manufactured specifically so that it’s deployment-ready for whenever an organisation needs it. This is, in fact, one of its truly great advantages – because it’s already prepackaged and configured, it can be shipped, transported and up and running far quicker than a traditional data centre. It’s also the only solution on the market that delivers and automates the network and allows for independent scaling of computing and storage.

Although it’s confined inside a single container, a data centre in a box comprises everything you’d usually find in a regular data centre, and comes with all the necessary accessories and equipment, including power, cooling facilities, server racks, displays, network/Internet and storage. So you get all your computing, storage and networking needs in one compact package. This, together with the ease of transport, makes it particularly useful in more isolated locations where access to traditional networks is limited or non-existent.

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