A ‘pay-as-you-go’ solution for business operations.

S.A.M.S Connecting the Dots offers a reduced cost on capital expenditure for new security hardware, including CCTV, in a leased agreement which then includes the managing and maintenance of the hardware.

We also provide cloud-based data and access monitoring, as well as the storage of vital data, an excellent cost-saving option for businesses with expensive, outdated security systems.

Lower costs in terms of capital outlay, energy costs, maintenance and skilled IT staff means that these hard-won funds can be channelled elsewhere such as new product lines.

Preserving working capital is usually of prime importance to many businesses. Asset financing products and solutions enables businesses to benefit from using business assets immediately without having to pay for them upfront and in full. Save your cash and rather invest in your business operations. Financing is often better than out right purchasing because it affords you:

  • Minimal cash outlay
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Protection against obsolescence
  • Able to leverage sales growth today
  • The lack of flexibility through regular bank financing is no longer an issue
  • Access large amounts of cash that have already been invested in the infrastructure

Reduce your total cost of video surveillance (CCTV) by up to 20% with cloud video surveillance. Learn about TCO – Total Cost of Ownership.