Access Control

Taking Charge Of Your Physical and Digital Security

Access control is so much more than simply controlling how people move through the various departments in your building. It also lets you effectively protect your sensitive data from unauthorised access and alerts you if an unexpected breach does occur.

In today’s world, where on-demand availability is taken as a given, and no one likes to wait for anything, you need an access control system that allows for minimal interference with daily user behaviour, yet still provides next level security.

At SAMS, we believe a smarter access control system is the key to a better building management system. This is why we provide next-generation access control technology that integrates with other connected systems in your building to create additional value for you as the end user.

The right access control system is the perfect complement to intruder alarms, video surveillance, and fire suppression systems, making it an invaluable part of your comprehensive security solution.

Benefits Of Access Control

Access control systems are an effective deterrent for anyone hoping to gain unauthorised access to a building or computer system and offer a high level of security for both commercial and residential applications. If your system prevents just one incident of serious loss a year, it will very quickly pay for itself.

When you have the right access system installed, it not only restricts and controls the movement of your employees in and out of sensitive areas, it also gives you an audit trail of who entered which areas, and at what time. If an incident occurs, having this kind of data immediately available is invaluable in helping you determine what happened and who was responsible.

An access control system also effectively does away with the many problems associated with mechanical lock and key systems. An employee with a key is a liability. They can make unauthorised copies, or lose their keys. If their employment is terminated for any reason, it’s not always easy to ensure the safe return of any company keys in their possession. You are always vulnerable to the keys ending up in the wrong hands, and you simply don’t need that kind of exposure.

Types of Access Control

There are three main types of access control systems,
and the one you choose depends largely on the security needs of your company and/or building.

Discretionary Access Control

This allows you, as the building owner or company manager, to decide who has access to certain parts of the building. This is an extremely user-friendly model, as it uses well-known operating systems, such as Windows.

Mandatory Access Control

This works in an almost opposite way to Discretionary Access control, in that it doesn’t allow building owners to have any say in who accesses the building. This type of control isn’t usually found in commercial environments but is popular in high-security organisations such as the military.

Role-Based Access Control

Not many employers want all their employees to have access to all areas all the time. This is why the Role-based system is the most popular system for corporate use. It provides access based solely on an individual’s role in the company – junior employees will enjoy more limited access to senior management, for example.

At SAMS, we offer a wide range of access control solutions for your business.
As the administrator, because access permissions are stored in the Cloud, instead of on a local server, you can manage them from wherever you are.
So even when you’re away on business, or on a well-deserved vacation, you can still be in full control of your security. This is especially useful if you’re responsible for overseeing facilities in multiple locations.

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