A recent survey showed that almost one third of employees submit fraudulent time records. Time fraud can be committed in several ways: employees state they arrived earlier, or left later, than they actually did, or they use the “buddy punching” method – asking colleagues to punch in or out for them.


It’s not always easy to manage your employees’ leave. Sometimes, email requests get lost in the day to day running of the business. Or a manager may grant leave, but there isn’t an automated system in place. As a result, nothing is uploaded to a central calendar, so no one else knows anything about it. At best, this is inconvenient when someone relies on an employee to do something, only to discover after the fact that they are actually on holiday. At worst, you lose business because a vital employee wasn’t available and no one was told to step in.

Time and attendance is one of the most basic, but important, functions of any manager. Yet so often, it is done extremely badly using complicated systems that can’t be accessed or understood by anyone except the manager concerned.

This is where employee scheduling, or leave management, software is so vital to the productivity and efficiency of a company. Time and attendance programmes provide vital information for both managers and employees. Team-wide calendars and running tallies of how much leave each employee has left are just two of the time- and frustration-saving features. Applying for leave can be as simple as a few clicks, which generate automated notifications to the relevant managers. Approval is sent to both the employee and the relevant team calendars, and it can all be synced to your computer and phone.

Benefits Of Time And Attendance Software

  • Cost Saving – many companies lose thousands every year to payroll fraud. Introducing a high-quality time- and attendance-tracking programme significantly reduces these kinds of losses.
  • Minimise Human Error – While intentional fraud is common, genuine human error can and does, creep in to payroll management. Having an automated system takes this risk out of the equation.
  • Boost Productivity – When employees know there is no chance of being able to get away with time theft or attendance fraud, tardiness and absenteeism drop markedly. This results in a significant improvement in productivity and fosters good time-keeping habits. Productive employees are happier employees.
  • Increased Employee Flexibility – Most companies today have employees who work full-time, part-time and remotely. It’s easy to manage a mixed workforce with a time and attendance system, as it has multiple tracking options. This allows you to stay on top of where your employees are, and how many hours they’re working every day.
  • Fully Scalable – Modern time and attendance programmes are specially designed to grow with your company. New features are simple to add, and the system is as easy to manage for five employees as it is for five hundred.

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