When It Comes To Perimeter Security, You Can’t Afford To Be On The Fence

South Africans are security conscious people. We put burglar bars on our windows and gates across our doors. We have alarm systems and panic buttons. At work, we have multi-layered access control systems – biometric scanners, video cameras and access cards. Yet still, at times, these security measures are not enough, and our homes and offices are breached. This is why perimeter security is so important: it keeps the bad guys further away from your door – and your important assets.

Perimeter security is big business. In fact, the global market is expected to reach US$196.6 billion by 2022, up from $110.6 billion in 2017. Increasing technological advancements in video surveillance, coupled with the exponential growth in usage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies, are two of the key factors fuelling this explosive growth. Residentially, particularly in the predicted high-growth markets of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, the perceived lack of effective, available policing is a key reason why homeowners are investing more heavily in measures to protect themselves and their properties.

What Is Perimeter Security?

Once only the concern of military and other highly sensitive infrastructures, perimeter security is becoming increasingly common around retail spaces, residential and commercial properties, and many other locations.

Generally speaking, perimeter security comprises a physical barrier, coupled with systems and technologies, that surrounds and protects the assets and people within a certain area. To be optimally effective at protecting the boundary, it should consist of multiple layers, each one of which should help deter, delay and detect intrusion.

Thanks to incredible advances in technology, we no longer have to rely solely on a physical obstruction, such as a wall or fence. These traditional barriers are now supported by sophisticated lighting and monitoring systems that provide valuable early warning of a possible intruder. This buys you or your security teams vital time to react and respond.

What Kind Of Perimeter Security Do I Need?

When deciding on what kind of perimeter security is most appropriate for your situation, there are several factors to take into account:

  • Are any of your critical assets visible from the perimeter? If so, could they be hidden away?
  • In what type of environment is your property located? What is the terrain like, and what is the general weather and climate?
  • What type of lighting do you currently have? Will you need a power supply to your perimeter barrier?
  • What are the current crime statistics for your area, and how far away is the nearest police station or private security company office?

In the case where perimeter security is needed for a retail space, aesthetic considerations also need to be taken into account. Shoppers like to feel that their car is safe in the car park, without feeling like they’re parking at a Super-Max prison! In these instances, perimeters should be marked out and secured in a more subtle way, using design elements and clever landscaping techniques.

Technical Considerations

In addition to the above factors, it’s also important to be aware of the technical considerations before deciding on the type of perimeter security you want. Here are a few points to ponder:

  • Do you want line-of-sight technology – cameras or infrared, for example? The type of terrain surrounding your property might affect the efficacy of this kind of security.
  • Will your new security system need to be integrated with an existing one, or is this a completely new system?
  • Will the detection system be hidden or in plain sight?

Cost Considerations

Many people feel proper perimeter security is prohibitively expensive, but it’s encouraging to note that prices are coming down in many areas, particularly when it comes to thermal cameras and other imaging technology. Of course, when you consider the value of the buildings and people you’re protecting, the cost of installation seems minor in comparison.

SAMS – Your Partner In Perimeter Security

At Strategic Asset Management Solutions, we’re all about security. When we talk about physical security, we refer to the protection of buildings and property – as well as all the equipment, information and software they contain – from all kinds of harm. Talk to us about how we can take care of all your perimeter security needs.

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