Cloud Solutions The Silver Lining for Todays Business

Cloud Solutions: The Silver Lining for Today’s Business

What Cloud solutions are available for my business? What benefits do they offer? Is my business too small to employ a Cloud solution? Is the Cloud secure?

Whenever a new and exciting innovation comes along which promises to revolutionise business as we know it, we can expect a little scepticism and a lot of questions.

The Cloud, as it is affectionately known, is not necessarily new technology but is certainly a fluid and growing phenomenon.

Antonio Regalato says, in his article in Technology Review, “Some accounts trace the birth of the term to 2006, when large companies such as Google and Amazon began using “Cloud computing” to describe the new paradigm in which people are increasingly accessing software, computer power, and files over the Web instead of on their desktops.”

If the benefits of Cloud computing aren’t immediately obvious, here’s a short run-down for you to mull over.

What Can The Cloud Do For Me?

The success of today’s business hinges on its flexibility; how quickly can you adapt, scale and grow when compared to your competitors?

Reduced Costs

If you’ve ever had to set up and maintain a server room to house your business assets, you’ll know that it’s neither cheap nor easy. Yes, often it is necessary, but with faster connectivity comes the undeniable benefits of not having to shell out for hardware, and instead, enjoying Cloud storage.

Lower costs in terms of capital outlay, energy costs, maintenance and skilled IT staff means that these hard-won funds can be channelled elsewhere such as marketing or new product lines.

Scaling Up

Yes, you want to grow your business, but how often do we find ourselves in a chicken-and-egg situation where we are faced with prohibitive costs associated with business growth? In this instance, the Cloud offers flexible and scalable storage solutions which negate the need for costly hardware or software updates.

Moving your business, scaling down, or changing your business structure is never a problem when you can enjoy the flexibility and ease of a Cloud solution.

Business Continuity

When the worst-case scenario raises its ugly head, and your office is ravaged by fire, floods, or thieves, your data is safe in the Cloud. Nobody plans on losing their entire office to a natural disaster, but when it happens it can cripple a business. Today’s Cloud solutions mean that you can grab the nearest laptop and carry on working at home, if need be.

Remote Working?

More businesses than ever are tapping into the benefits of remote workers. Studies repeatedly show that employees who are trusted with the option of working remotely are happier, more engaged and enjoy a better work/life balance.

Cloud solutions have made this feasible, allowing secure collaboration, interaction and information sharing no matter where you are in the world.


How secure is my information in the Cloud? That’s a question asked by many, and rightly so. With cybercrime on the increase and scams everywhere you look, data security is a hot topic.

An article from Systems and Software has this to say, “To keep data secure, the front line of defense for any Cloud system is encryption. Encryption methods utilize complex algorithms to conceal Cloud-protected information. To decipher encrypted files, would-be hackers would need the encryption key. Although encrypted information is not 100% uncrackable, decryption requires a huge amount of computer processing power, forensic software, and a lot of time. Can it be done? Yes, the only way to keep your data safe for certain is to lock it up in a safe beneath the ground. That being said, your Cloud-stored data is generally safer than your locally stored data. Cloud services utilize more complex security methods than the average computer owner is able to devise, giving your Cloud-stored data an added level of protection.”

Can My Business Make Use of The Cloud?

If you have a computer, you use it to access the internet, and you store business data of any sort then you can certainly make use of the Cloud. If you need to collaborate with teams or clients internationally, if you have a business growth plan in place, if you need flexible, scalable and innovative solutions – you guessed it – you can use the Cloud.

SAMS offers a range of Cloud solutions which include storage, servers, networking and software. Why not give us a call and find out how we can assist you?

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