Millennial Home Buyers Want A Good Foundation Of Home Security

Millennial Home Buyers Want A Good Foundation Of Home Security

Millennials-those born between 1981 and 1996 – are probably the most-studied generation since studies into this kind of thing began! They are, without doubt, one of the most influential generations to date. Their habits and behaviours have long fascinated economists, researchers and businesses, and everyone wants to understand their attitudes to social and environmental issues, work and technology.

The housing market is no exception. And when South African millennials – particularly first time buyers – look for property, a strong foundation of home security is high on their list of priorities.

Millennials are likely to spend over three times more on their first home than their parents, and they want significant bang for their buck. They’re in a strong position to demand it, too – almost 330 000 millennials bought homes in South Africa between 2015 and 2017. Seventy percent of these were first time buyers.

“Millennials are the most diverse, educated and digital generation ever to live, and their unique set of needs, expectations and values are already precipitating trends in the real estate sector,” said one property expert.

Technology is driving these trends. Millennials are the first generation to never have lived without cell phones or the internet, so when buying a home, tech-driven features are high on their list. In South Africa, our rising crime rates – particularly when it comes to burglaries and home invasions – mean millennials want a strong foundation of home security driven by smart features.

What Home Security Features Do Millennials Want?

South African millennials are extremely safety and security conscious. They look for good access control, perimeter security, and secure windows and doors. Because they love apps, homes offering remote access, and the ability to lock and unlock doors, switch lights on and off, and look at security camera feeds via a smart home app, are hugely appealing. Smart locks, in particular, are a much sought-after feature, negating the need for keys. Doors can simply be locked and unlocked with your app, or in the case of a guest, via a keycode they can simply punch in.

In South Africa, the crime stats for new homeowners are worrying – they’re twice as likely to be burgled in the first 12 months of moving in. This is often because new owners are still familiarising themselves with their property, and aren’t yet aware of all the potential weak spots in their security. This is one of the reasons why making sure their first home has good foundations of security is so important for millennial buyers.

It’s all about layers of security and having the basics in place. Here are some of the best ways you can secure your home in South Africa:

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is absolutely essential and should be the first area you attend to when looking to secure your home. Smart security is great, but there’s nothing to beat good, “old school” physical barriers. They are always in place and don’t rely on you remembering to activate them.

An electric fence is always a good place to start. Make sure, however, that your fence bracket is at least 8-strand square tubing. Anything less than that – including 8-strand flat and round bar – is easy for savvy thieves to breach. A motorised gate is also essential, allowing you to open your gate without having to exit your vehicle.

An additional layer of perimeter security – such as CCTV cameras and security beams – boosts your exterior defences an adds comforting peace of mind. CCTV cameras are also useful inside your home, and the feed can be sent to an app on your phone or computer, meaning you can check on your house at any time when you’re not home.

Access control

In a freestanding home, an intercom system – preferably with a camera – is essential. It’s particularly useful if you can’t see your gate from inside your home. You can control access through your gate without having to go outside, and can also see if anyone is attempting to tamper with your gate in order to gain unauthorised access.

Smart Alarms

Like a regular alarm system, a smart alarm connects to all windows and doors and activates when entry is detected. A great feature of smart alarms is that they connect with your smart locking system, so will deactivate (and simultaneously switch off the CCTV cameras) when you arrive home.

Smoke And Gas Detectors

Although not related to preventing unauthorised access to your home, smoke and gas detectors – together with fire extinguishers – should be installed in all homes to alert you in case of a fire or gas leak. They can be connected to your alarm system as an added layer of security.

At SAMS, we’re dedicated to ensuring your physical and digital security, and believe everyone should have a strong foundation of home security.

A smarter access control system is a great place to start, forming the perfect complement to intruder alarms, video surveillance, and fire suppression systems. Let us take care of your comprehensive security solution. Talk to us today.

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