Data: Storing, Tracking and Accessing  your most valuable resource

Businesses rely on storing, tracking, and retrieving business-critical information from any location on a secure platform that is device agnostic to improve business operations.

Machine to Machine

Machine to machine (M2M) is an end-to-end service from Vodacom that gives you a global data services platform for managing multiple SIM cards from a single interface. You can link almost any type of remote machine or device to critical information systems and gather real-time field intelligence that can be used to improve efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new services and gain competitive advantage.

Econz Wireless

Econz Wireless can do it all for you by keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts and time expenditure. More than that, it’s also a powerful work management solution for businesses that offer mobile or on-site services, like plumbing and electrical services, deliveries and IT support. It doesn’t require any specialized equipment. It’s a mobile data collection service that uses equipment your employees already have: cellphones, smartphones and tablets.


Designed on superior GPS tracking technology, Vodacom’s Live Track personal tracking, available on a contract basis, uses the GPRS cellular network to display your tracking device’s movements on your computer every 60 seconds in real-time. Comprehensive mapping software allows movement to be tracked via the Internet with a PC or with a WAP-enabled cellphone. To ensure the highest level of secure communication, each user account is created with a unique password and username and each device is manufactured with a unique encrypted unit code.

Global Data Service Platform

Vodacom GDSP (Global Data Services Platform) is a global machine to machine (M2M) data communications service platform providing SIM management capabilities for M2M devices where ever they may be around the globe. M2M connectivity is a simple cost-effective way to use the mobile network to enable communication between remote devices or sensors to let them transmit information to any location, whenever you want.

Spend Manager

Vodacom Spend Manager services are agnostic of device, network and operating system so we can provide you with an objective, holistic view and understanding of your mobile expenditure and processes – where your biggest cost lies and why. Our service is fully hosted and managed by Vodacom, so customers can simply log in to an online web portal from anywhere to access the easytouse interface.