Why Your Business Needs A SMART Technology Consultant

We’re living in an era of SMART products. We use capital letters there because the term stems originally from the acronym for Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology. However, we now tend to just say “smart” because the word has come to mean any object that was previously inanimate – anything from domestic appliances to clothes – that now leverages smart technology to guide our behaviour and even talk back to us.

SMART devices are those which connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), collecting and transmitting a huge amount of data. Most of us are quite used to having smart appliances of one type or another in our homes. Fridges that tell us when we’re out of milk, and send shopping lists to our phones. Watches and other wearable tech that let us know when we’ve been sitting still too long, or if we’re working out too hard.

But when it comes to businesses, the uptake of SMART technology has sadly been a lot slower.

For one reason or another, the IoT – a potential treasure trove of valuable information for businesses – is both under-harvested and under-used. We’re sitting on a veritable goldmine of previously unavailable information about every aspect of your business, and the way your customers, and the marketplace in general, behaves. Harvesting and analysing this data gives you a huge advantage when it comes to improving efficiencies, productivity and ultimately, profits.

SMART Technology And The Future Face Of Business

Businesses today face many challenges, but lack of technology isn’t one of them. The problem is, we don’t quite know how to operationalise fast enough to create true differentiation. The rampant rise of the IoT gives us so much more than the potential for new revenue streams and product lines. If used properly, it can open up entirely new ways of working, thinking and doing business. And all we have to do is realise the full and virtually unlimited possibilities of the data at our disposal.

Just think, for example, what it would mean to your business if you had detailed data on the ways in which your customers use your products or services? Imagine how you could use this data to analyse behaviour and highlight trends, and then identify ways to increase customer loyalty and improve your offerings.

Business is only just starting to scratch the surface of what modern video game developers have known for years. It is standard practice in this industry to monitor players’ behaviour, and adjust the way a game performs in response. If, for example, the majority of users has particular difficulty with a section, the developers can change it to make it easier. This makes a huge difference to a player’s user experience.

Imagine applying that kind of responsiveness to your supply chain. How much difference would it make if you could monitor and track every asset in the supply chain, identifying inefficiencies and making improvements throughout every area of your business?

How You Can Benefit From A SMART Technology Consultant

Many organisations already understand that disruption is coming and that their traditional business models will undoubtedly be affected by the new technologies. But they don’t yet understand the full picture. They don’t know how to leverage this technology to its fullest advantage, or what they have to do to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly changing business environment.

This is where a SMART technology consultant can prove invaluable to your business.

SMART consultants are bigger picture people. Businesses often only see technology as a way to improve their existing processes. A consultant can help to open your eyes, showing you how this new access to data, technology, algorithms and, ultimately, people, can expand your vision of the future beyond anything you might previously have thought possible.

At Strategic Asset Management Solutions, we understand that a SMART technology consultant is an invaluable asset for building owners, architects and general contractors. This is why we have a range of SMART technology solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

SMART Technology is essential for connecting systems across and within buildings. When your systems optimise your building, business and staff management operations, the benefits are huge:

  • Savings in cost and time
  • Reduction in required resources.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Creation of meaningful insights.

It may sound like a science fiction film, but the technology is very real and it’s already here. You just have to reach out and grab it. Businesses failing to take advantage of the vast potential of SMART Technology will soon be left behind.

Contact SAMS today to chat with a SMART technology consultant and make sure you’re not one of them.


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