Internet Of Things

Amazingly, although we’ve really only started hearing about it in the last couple of years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has actually been around about as long as your average millennial. But it’s been the explosive growth of wireless communication in recent years that has paved the way for what we’re now calling the IoT revolution.

Today, we’re starting to really understand the impact that the Internet of Things is set to have on our culture and economy. Physical devices are interacting with we humans in ways we never dreamed possible. Our physical and digital worlds are merging, and the technological breakthroughs that come with that are game-changing.

It’s a very big deal!

What Is the Internet of Things?

Essentially, the IoT takes inanimate, “dumb” objects and makes them “smart” – empowering them with digital intelligence that allows them to think and function without any input from us. The long-term effect of this incredible technology extends way beyond the novelty of telling Alexa to dim the lights, or having our fridges send messages to an app on our phone telling us we’re out of milk. It has the potential to improve the efficiencies of both public and private sector enterprises, boost economies and improve our very livelihoods.

At SAMS, we leverage tomorrow’s technology today, designing and installing smart systems in both new and existing buildings. The result? Improved efficiencies and performance, and reduced costs.

With us, you know we’ll be with you throughout every phase of your project – from blueprint to final completion. And because we understand that not every project is a new build, we are also experts at transforming existing buildings into smart ones, implementing technology in phases to avoid the frustration of systems and devices being incompatible.

From perimeter security to data protection, SAMS is your Internet of Things partner. We provide a full suite of technology services to ensure your environment is secure, efficient, sustainable and comfortable.