The Importance Of Finding The Right Security Solutions For Your Business

The Importance Of Finding The Right Security Solutions For Your Business

All businesses are different – even those that do the same thing. One printing company, for example, might have 10 employees, own a single printing machine, and occupy the downstairs floor of a small, two-storey building. Another might employ 250 people, have 12 machines and take up an entire office block. Naturally, the security needs of these two businesses will be different, but the importance of them each finding the correct security solution for their business is exactly the same – essential.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your business does, or how big or small it is, finding the best way to ensure the safety and security of your people and your company data is absolutely crucial.

Cyber attacks are becoming an increasingly threatening menace worldwide, and South Africa is no exception. In fact, companies lose millions every year in one kind of breach or another. And it’s not only your lost data that costs you – the damage to your reputation a data breach is likely to cause can lose you clients and potential new customers, as well as time and productivity.

There’s also the chance that not having the right security solutions in place could result in violations of government-set compliance regulations – albeit unintentionally. Companies guilty of these kinds of violations could find themselves subject to hefty punitive fines.

All of which adds up to a big hole in your profits. For smaller companies, it may well be a loss from which they are simply unable to recover.

So how can businesses effectively safeguard themselves, their people and their data?

The Importance Of Finding The Right Security Solutions For Your Business 2

SAMS And Global Worldwide Logistics – Finding Security Solutions That Work

SAMS was recently involved in a comprehensive security solutions project with Global Worldwide Logistics, a large clearing and freight forwarding company in Johannesburg. Here’s what we did for them:

Wireless Connectivity

The first thing we did was upgrade their wireless connectivity by installing their own antenna, on the roof of their warehouse, that receives a signal directly from a Vodacom tower.


Future-proof wireless solutions are critical for business if they want to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Moving multiple distributed hardware offsite and into the Cloud means you remove the problem of having a single point of failure. It also means you no longer have to worry about expensive, on-site IT resources.

Cloud PABX

Cloud PABX is a business phone system that’s delivered as a hosted service. Instead of having traditional telephone equipment, such as an on-site PABX system, a Cloud-based system reduces costs, streamlines workflow and improves functionality. Once again, having this system in place removes the need for on-site IT support, as 99% can now be done remotely.

Local Area Network (including switches)

As its name suggests, a local area network (LAN) links devices within a company’s building or group of adjacent buildings (usually within a radius of less than one kilometre from each other). LAN switches provide a separate connection for each node in this internal network. Essentially, they create a series of instant networks that only contain only the two devices communicating with each other at that particular moment.


CCTV – Securing Business Assets Inside and Outside

Installing CCTV cameras both internally and externally meant the company was better able to manage and keep watch over its assets.

cctv inside - secure and manage clients assets

Having external CCTV cameras significantly improved both asset control and health and safety management.


Alarm System

As with a residential property, installing an alarm system in a commercial building helps to keep company assets safe. The Global Worldwide Logistics building was divided into different zones, all of which can be remotely alarmed and disarmed independently of each other.

alarm panel, different zones, remote arming and disarming

alarm door sensors


CLEARVU Security Fencing

As a freight-forwarding and clearing business, Global Worldwide Logistics frequently has to store assets while waiting for customs clearance. There was an urgent need to create a way where these assets could be stored securely while still being able to see and access them easily.

CLEARVU was the answer.

CLEARVU is like an invisible wall and is widely touted as the world’s most advanced fence. Tested by National Defence Agencies and developed in consultation with architects and security experts, the product offers effective protection for valuable assets.


Challenges Of The Project:

In a job this size, and this expansive, there were bound to be a couple of challenges! But we at SAMS are proud to say we overcame them and did the job properly!

The first challenge we had was with the installation of the CCTV cameras. It was imperative we placed them high enough to make them tamper-proof, but without compromising the camera view. After experimenting with a few positions, we found the one that worked perfectly.

The second challenge was, because of the height of the cameras and their distance from the control room, extensive cabling was needed. The challenge was to ensure it was done as neatly as possible. We’re sure you’ll agree we managed this admirably!

cctv, high placement, tamper proof

highway cabling, height and distance

At SAMS, we’re thrilled with the work we did on the Global Worldwide Logistics warehouse project. And we’re happy to say, our client was too!

global worldwide logistics warehouse

So why not partner with us on your next project, and let’s work together to find the best security solutions for your business.

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