How cloud-based access control and CCTV can better protect your business in 2020

How cloud-based access control and CCTV can better protect your business in 2020

When considering business security, access control and CCTV systems are vital for managing entry in and around a property, as well as protecting vital data.

Traditionally, and in its most basic form, mechanical lock and key systems are used for access control. In recent years, more technologically-advanced security systems were designed which were steps in the right direction; however, these are often expensive and require complex hardware.

For successful security management and asset protection today, these access control methods are no longer a viable solution as criminals are becoming smarter and outdated systems are expensive and can be broken into easily. Now, businesses are looking for advanced solutions. Technology and digitisation have been incorporated in so many parts of the business world, why should access control not be included?

In our fastmoving world, you want to efficiently control and monitor access in and around your business with the least amount of disruption to daily operations, while protecting what is most important to you: Your business, its most valuable assets and vital data. A cloud-based access control and close circuit television (CCTV) system has proven to do just that.

Why cloud-based access control and CCTV systems are the way forward

It is impossible to physically manage who accesses a property and its operating systems. With the sharp rise in crime and security breaches, secure access has been a red-hot topic in the business world. Traditional methods of access control, such as lock and key systems, have now become a security risk, as copies can be made of keys and they can get lost or stolen, which makes anyone with a key a liability. Businesses now need to look at improved and more advanced solutions to safeguard themselves.

Cloud-based access control in combination with CCTV connects all your technology and business assets, as well as business data on one water-tight cloud-based platform. This allows you to keep watch on your business, and efficiently restrict movement without physically being present. This is possible because a cloud-based service and CCTV solution enables you to monitor movement and manage access from any mobile device, conveniently and efficiently on to go. Additionally, cloud access control offers valuable data to the business owner or security management team for incident reports, risk evaluations and future crime control.

How CCTV adds excellent value

CCTV has proven to be an extremely effective security measure.. This technology can be used indoors and outdoors to monitor entrances and -exits as well as vulnerable areas. It is also an excellent deterrent for potential wrong doers.

Beyond the security advantages, CCTV cameras can also benefit retail businesses in other ways. Facial recognition can assist to gather data and offer customer insights that is valuable to improve customer experiences and ultimately, boost profitability.

No matter the size of a business, a cloud-based access control and CCTV system is the way forward. It acts as an effective deterrent for anyone wanting to gain unauthorised access to certain parts of a business, including remote sites, parking areas, offices and even cabinet drawers, because it restricts movement, offers real-time surveillance and accurate data.

What happens should an incident occur?

If you have cloud-based access control and CCTV installed on your property, you can immediately obtain data should an incident occur. This data will include who gained access, when it happened, and how long the persons were in the specific areas. This allows businesses to address the issue straight away.

The ideal solution for modern business security

Today, rising crime, including unauthorised access and security breaches, is a major concern for all industries. Therefore, businesses should be moving away from outdated conventional security measures to investing in a modern comprehensive security system. A cloud-based access control and CCTV system can be installed on its own or can be used with other security solutions, including alarms and video surveillance, for a complete, powerful security structure. Modern businesses can no longer afford to operate with single dated security systems; the risk is just too big.

Strategic Asset Management Solutions (S.A.M.S) specialises in offering secure cloud-based access control and CCTV solutions to businesses. This is used to improve building management, to maintain the smooth operation of activities and to protect assets. Whether you have a one-room office, or a multi-level business consisting of hundreds of employees, access control should be the number one priority when it comes to security. If you’re looking for improved business security today, consider cloud-based access control and CCTV from S.A.M.S.

Secure your business with cloud-based security technology and save time, money and hassle today.


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