Access control and security challenges for property developers

Access Control and Security Challenges for Property Developers

A business profiting from developing property should always have certain measures in place to protect its investments against theft and vandalism. However, many property developers struggle to manage security on several sites. For operators of larger construction sites, the issue of access control is often addressed by concentrating assets in one place or by employing a large team of security staff on the site. Though, for property developers, it is often not that simple as they usually manage many smaller sites that make it difficult to keep watch over. They require a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that allows them to manage security across a variety of properties efficiently and effectively from one place.

Security challenges for property developers with several sites

Due to the different development stages, property developers often sit with the issue of having no physical barriers, such as walls and gates, to keep out wrongdoers. This increases the potential of trespassers, theft and vandalism. With several development sites, ensuring security guards are present can also be incredibly costly. Many developers spend excessive time on trying to secure different sites and in the process, delay important schedules. Ineffective security measures can also lead to theft from newly-built or renovated properties which also have a significant cost and can delay project completion even further.

It is, therefore, essential for property developers to invest in a security solution that addresses all these challenges. They require a system that can lower the potential of break-ins and vandalism, reduce the reward of a break-in and also increase the risk of being caught. The complexity around this requires developers to invest in a smart, scalable access control and security system that allows them to save time, money and effort. Enter cloud-based access control with CCTV.

The ideal security solution for property developers

Cloud-based access control in combination with CCTV connects all your assets and stores its essential data on one secure remote server. As a property developer, this is highly valuable as it allows you to keep watch and restrict access on several sites without physically being present. This can be done because a cloud-based access control and CCTV solution enable you to monitor movement from a mobile device, remotely. Furthermore, cloud services can offer valuable data to property developers for incident reports, risk evaluations and future crime control. With this solution, CCTV surveillance also acts as an excellent deterrent for potential wrongdoers. These surveillance cameras can be used indoors and outdoors to monitor all entrances, exits and possible high-risk areas.

Effective cloud-based access control and CCTV from S.A.M.S

Strategic Asset Management Solutions (S.A.M.S) specialises in offering highly secure cloud-based access control and CCTV solutions to businesses. This is used to improve site management, to protect assets and to maintain the smooth operation of activities at all times. S.A.M.S also offers an affordable option to developers through a reduced cost on new hardware, including CCTV, in a leased agreement which includes the managing and maintenance of the hardware. These cost-effective cloud-based services are ideal for property developers managing more than one site at a time. As developments are completed, the access control system can also be removed, to ensure a convenient, scalable option.

With crime on the rise, property developers can no longer afford to invest in costly, outdated security systems that can put their assets at risk. With an effective and affordable cloud security solution, developers can monitor and manage movement and reduce the potential of theft and vandalism on several sites, remotely. This can save valuable time and money on future operations.


For improved property security, consider cloud-based access control and CCTV from S.A.M.S.

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